Providing aerial photography for Yuma, Somerton, San Luis, Wellton, Lake Havasu, Bullhead City, El Centro, Calexico, Imperial Valley and more!

Why Choose Us

We are a client-focused business that understands the importance of customized services. Our goal is to provide unforgettable excellence by delivering images that meet each client's unique needs. We have the people, the experience, and the equipment with which to capture effective images in the best format for your needs. Jacob Lopez, Southwest's founder, an experienced pilot and seasoned photographer, discusses the details of every site, creating a plan to provide the best possible images. Consequently, high quality, excellent service, AND reasonable prices can exist together!

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Whether we are photographing a shopping center, a housing subdivision, open real estate, an office building or a private residence, our aerial images provide valuable information. Let Southwest help tell your story!

Southwest does not simply fly to your property, make one circle at a single altitude and move on to the next site. We will take the time needed to capture a wide variety of views, depending on your individual requirements. A low flight and a zoom lens will show a building's detail, or allow a count of cars in a parking lot during peak business hours. Higher altitudes can show relationships between commercial properties, residential areas, roads, highway interchanges, schools, airports, etc. Southwest Aerial Photography's images help you to see "the big picture" as well as important details. We provide complete documentation of any type of property for any use, private or commercial. In fact, our aerial photos make unforgettable gifts!

Southwest Aerial Photography can shoot your property from a variety of perspectives.

Low-level oblique

500-1500 feet

High-level oblique

5000+ feet

Mid-level oblique

1500-5000 feet

Vertical view

straight down

We make the process of obtaining aerial photos simple and easy and we keep our clients updated on the progress of their jobs. There are no surprises, no unexpected fees, and no reason to worry about not getting the photos you need. If you are unsure as to whether oblique or vertical views will work best for you, let us know and we can send you samples of both views.

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